Our next concert is on Oct 22, 2022: Walk and Touch Peace


Main office

Contact for Bookings, Tickets, CDs & Books, and Auditions

Jessie Iseler, General Manager
Elmer Iseler Singers
2180 Bayview Avenue
Toronto, ON M4N 3K7 Canada
t: +1 416-217-0537
f: +1 905-880-3482
e: info@elmeriselersingers.com

Financial Manager

Frances Goodfellow, CPA, CMA
Goodfellow Business Solutions Inc.
t: +1 416-217-0537
e: finance@elmeriselersingers.com

Media Contact

Robert Missen, Artist Representative
The Bobolink Agency
t: +1 905-632-6047

e: rmissen@sympatico.ca


Naomi Rae Estreicher, Designer

e: naomi@naomirae.com