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Montreal concert with SMAM

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Montreal's L'eglise des Gese in a magnificent Concert with SMAM
Elmer Iseler Singers performing in historic Montreal’s L’eglise des Gese in a magnificent Concert with SMAM on Saturday, April 27th, 2019, Lydia Adams and Andrew McAnerney conducting.  

Apr. 29, 2019: «Cinq siècles à 40 voix»: le chant des voûtes [“Five centuries for 40 voices”: the song of the vaults] concert review by Christophe Huss (Le Devoir).

 “[Elmer Isler Singers] Ils nous ont fait vivre des moments bouleversants, au coeur de leur partie de programme…”


“[Elmer Iseler Singers] They gave us some intense moments at the heart of their part of the program…”